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Building Towards Your Peace, At Home.

A Broken Marriage?

Or Aching for Love?

When you think of love, there is so much pain…

… broken marriage, turmoil in the family, dealing with nagging and over-bearing in-laws…

… hard out of luck on love, every good spouse possible is already taken or gone, and now you are all alone…

… you worked hard to build the bridge of your marriage, but now intimacy is taken over by time and kids…

Serenity. Peace. Words that are not hard, but with a bit of support and guidance we can make love easy.

Is This For Me?

Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi

Based in Toronto, Canada, Sheikh Riad Ouarzazi is an established, respected and revered teacher to students from across the globe. His teaching style is unique, appealing and most importantly accessible to all manner of students whatever their knowledge or background from new Muslims and people considering Islam as a way of life, to established Muslims. His Islamic Degree was from M. Abdullah University, Casablanca, Morocco in 1987.

Since 1991, he has been teaching with many organizations including Al Maghrib Institute. He has worked alongside many charities and organizations including Human Appeal, Muslim Aid, Muslim Hands, Islamic Relief, Human Concern International to name but a few.

Sheikh Riad directs his own organization called ROC Training, which delivers seminars, retreats and a range of other services across the globe. His areas of expertise include marriage, time management and personal development, anger and stress management, and many other subjects.

Love Is Beyond Just Emotions.
It's A Home, It has Walls.
Let's Build A Stronger Home.

While the program is for everyone above the age of 14, the focal points of this online environment goes over the essentials, and the fundamentals of establishing a loving and caring household.

Bolster Your Marriage

Living the dream of a marriage? Alhumdulillah!

Now let’s work on it to keep it that way. Life has many struggles and challenges, ones that can cause very minor cracks in a perfect wall that you and your spouse have built. Let’s bolster it further!

Fix A Broken Heart

The woman you loved, or the man of your dreams is now the spouse of someone else. Envy, sadness, depression seems to be the only companion.

Broken hearts are all too common, and muslims are not privy to them. Understanding the foundations of love, and optimism in the future are lessons not to be missed.

Finding The One

Ever heard the saying “There are plenty of fish in the pond”.

But every time you go fishing you come up just empty. Let’s fix that. Keys to finding the right spouse is not just magic, it’s a meticulous process that will take patience, and learning.

Life After Divorce

Divorce may have been a God-send but now awkwardness, sadness, and plenty of dull moments fill your life.

Now is your moment, you have gone through the tough part, let your mySerenity community pick you up, and get you back up on your feet. There is lot’s of hope at the end of the tunnel. You just gotta get there.


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